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Alaska Law Enforcement Museum

The Alaska Law Enforcement Museum in Anchorage, Alaska is famous for housing a huge collection of history about officers who had been responsible for bringing law and order to one of the most rugged jurisdictions in the entire United States of America. The museum allows the visitors to unveil the stories and know about their innate lives in its historical setting. The museum is currently under operation by FOAST and gets support from the donations of the general public.

Within the shop, one can also come across a unique gift shop that provides access to a wide range of memorabilia and souvenirs belonging to the Alaskan State Trooper. Here, you can come across sweatshirts and t-shirts along with a wide variety of law enforcement books at the same time. The proceeds at the museum can go forward with supporting fund charity activities as well as the museum in general.

At the museum, one can also come across a huge collection of unique artifacts including historical items from the earliest days of law enforcement in Anchorage, Alaska. Some of these include the Oregon Boot, the original radio of Lunch Box, the original Taser, the unique Tommy Gun, and so more. There is an impressive gun collection, a documentary movie, and a vintage office.

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