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Alaska Veterans Museum

The Alaska Veterans Museum is aimed at honoring the veterans of the nation while praising them for all the sacrifices that they had made for defending the freedom of America. The museum was set up in the year 2011. It is the place wherein the glorious military history of Alaska and the entire United States of America is known to come alive. Here, one can come across the long-lost stories of the Civil War while featuring the unique nightgown that had been made out of pure silk. The Alaska Veterans Museum is known to commemorate the sacrifices that were made by the defenders of the United States of America during its freedom.

At the same time, the museum also strives to inspire and educate the visitors about remembering and honoring those who made freedom of the USA possible. The museum has an overall capacity of 100 visitors at a time and remains open on the partial day basis. There is the provision of guided tours to the museum for the overall convenience of the tourists. The overall distance of the downtown convention from the museum is around 0.5 miles. It is, therefore, situated at the heart of the city. The museum opened its doors to the public on 17th April, 2011. It covers an overall area of 1,433 square foot and has been successful in inviting thousands of visitors since its inception. 

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