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Delaney Park

The Delaney Park Strip in Anchorage is a beautiful 11-block park that originally served as the airfield of Anchorage, Alaska. Referred to as the Park Strip by the Anchorage Community, Delaney Park serves to be the oldest park in the entire city. The park was set up to be a part of the original township plat in Anchorage in the year 1917. It received its name after James Delaney –one of the first mayors in Anchorage, Alaska.

Initially, the park was just used for the purpose of a firebreak. However, in the year 1922, it gained the reputation of becoming The Gold Course of the city. The Anchorage Community went forward with using the available space both as the airstrip and the golf course. However, in the year 1929, Merrill Field opened in Anchorage. As such, there was no more requirement of the airstrip of Delaney Park.

In the year 1954, the department of Parks & Recreation in the city started developing facilities for promoting a myriad of activities –including softball, ice skating, tennis, and horseshoes. In the year 1958, the park was responsible for hosting the Alaska Statehood Celebration. 

Currently, the Delaney Park is being used for hosting a series of events, festivals, and sports every year. The presence of the memorial for the veterans, rose gardens, and a tribute to Martin Luther King Jr. is known to complete the entire park.

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