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Fourth Avenue Theater

Also referred to as the Lathrop Building, Fourth Avenue Theater in Anchorage is a movie theater in the city. The theater has been described as the Art Moderne, Streamline Moderne, and Art Déco when it comes to the overall style. The theater’s building was built during the year 1941 and got completed during the year 1947. It happened after World War II ended. Earlier, it featured around 960 seats and was the first-ever theater in the region until the time of the 1980s.

The theater was designed by the famous designer named B. Marcus Priteca –a leading designer of themed theaters or cinemas in the United States of America. He worked in association with A. A. Porreca –another Seattle-based architect who worked for Cap Lathrop –a famous businessman in Alaska. The lobby of the theater featured the mural representing a gold leaf. The mural represented Mount McKinley. The main house of the theater was decorated with gold and silver murals representing Anthony Heinsbergen & Frank Bouman.

At the theater’s building, the premises included facilities for the television and radio stations for the Lathrop, a restaurant, and a penthouse apartment that was later on added during 1959 to 1960. Following some renovations that had happened in Anchorage, Alaska, the theater was then utilized as a banquet facility by a local catering firm.

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