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Cold winter months with no indoor heating can quickly turn sour. Your family, employees and work will suffer the dire consequences that come with the low temperatures in Anchorage. What you need is an authentic partner who will always be there when you need to repair, install or replace your heating unit.

As an expert in the industry, we provide various heating solutions that keep your family warm, at a cost-effective budget and in the most convenient time.

Anchorage Heating services

Heating unit Installation

Having an efficient heating system in winter is not a choice. It’s a necessity that your home and business requires. Whether you need to install a new heating unit, replace the old cloggy unit, or plan to move to a different brand, we have your back. With a team of experienced technicians to do the exacting work, the installation process will be easier and fast.

Heating unit Repairs.

Warm indoors is not the only reason why you need to have your heating system repaired. A faulty heating system may cause extensive damage to your house and family. When not working as they should, furnace and boiler parts may freeze under low temperatures and burst.

Anchorage Heating and Plumbing has the expertise to repair boilers and furnace systems that may have broken down unexpectedly. Our technicians will inspect your boiler or furnace to determine the missing puzzle of why it broke down and then guide you in the next course of action. While we can handle most repairs, it’s best to replace old heating systems with new and more efficient ones to cut repair costs and frequent emergencies.

What are the common signs that your heating unit needs repairs?

A spike in your energy bills- Are you paying more than is standard. Having your heating systems checked will alleviate this. More often than not, a faulty heater is the culprit of spikes in your energy bills.

An unusual odor- Sulphurous and burnt metal smells are not the norm. These unpleasant smells are tell-tale signs that a circuit part in the unit has malfunctioned, and boiler or furnace repair services should be the next best action.

A difficult power up- Your heating unit most probably needs servicing if you need to restart it several times to get the heat running. Our technicians are repair specialists and will spot the problem and provide a solution without inconveniencing you.

Heating Units Maintenance.

“Prevention is better than cure.” rings truer when dealing with heating systems. Think of the costs, the dangers, and the stressful situation of dealing with repairs and replacements.

Anchorage Heating and Plumbing realizes this importance and offers routine cleaning and tune-ups for furnaces and boilers. Our technicians will look for problems and combat them before they turn into costly situations.

We recommend annual maintenance from a professional heating contractor. Maintenance will increase the lifetime of your unit, reduce servicing costs and grant you more energy-efficient heating for your home and commercial building.

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