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How Much Does a Plumber Cost?

A good plumber is one whose number you will need to keep close. They will come in handy, whether for routine maintenance, renovations, and even emergencies.  

How much your plumber charges you is dependent on several things. The main ones being the type of job and the time it will take to complete it. How urgent a job is also impacts the costs.
However, it’s always nice to have a ballpark amount of what you might have to pay, well in advance. 

Plumbing Repairs
Here are some estimates from plumbing companies. 

Slab leak repairs costs
Identifying a leak under a slab costs $125 to $ 400. Fixing such a leak requires specialized equipment and costs $500 to $4,000. 
The costs can run higher if the pipes are buried too deep from the surface, flooring has to be removed and the slab is too thick.

Fixing burst or leaking pipes
On average, leaking pipes cost an average of $150 to $ 350 to repair, with an additional $100 to diagnose the leak’s location. 
These amounts are not inclusive of wall repair. This can set you back an additional $250 to $750, depending on how much is required.
Pipe bursts will cost you anywhere from $1,000 to $4,000 in repair fees and water damage clean up. 

Gas leaks
Repairing gas pipe leaks costs $250 to $720. The costs tend to be higher than water pipe leaks, and professional plumbers can attend to these as well.

Ceiling pipes
At times, pipe repair necessitates cutting into flooring, wall as and even the ceiling. Ceiling repair costs about $675. Cutting into your ceiling will attract further costs over and above the average plumbing fees.

Mainline repair costs
Repairing leaks averages $300 to $ 4,000. This is dependent on whether the damage will require an overhaul or repair. 
A central line leak repair will cost an average of $750, while a new installation costs about $1,500.

Sink, bathtub toilet, garbage disposal clogs
Drainage clogs cost about $ 200 to clear. 
Clogs are very common problems and are often not serious. If you have a clog, try a plunger for sinks and toilets.
For garbage disposal units, try troubleshooting or resetting the unit. If it does not come on after this, then you can call the plumber.

Water heater and sump rump repairs
These run $550 on average. These cover most problems like thermostats, control valves, heating elements, thermocouples, tank and anode cleaning.
Sump rump repairs cost $300 to $700 while new installations cost $650 to $1,800. 
Rerouting plumbing
Rerouting a single line plumbing averages $650 to $ 1,500. This is exclusive of the cost of the drywall, frame removal, and replacement. Ultimately, the accessibility and line length will determine the final cost.
Similarly, a line under a slab will cost more than rerouting a line in a wall, basement, or crawlspace.

Home plumbing Inspection charges
Again, inspection charges vary, with fluctuations being brought about by factors such as location and home size. However, the going rate averages $165. 
While this is not mandatory in all cases, getting a plumbing inspection can give you peace of mind when acquiring a new house. 

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