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Are you in need of a competent plumbing company in Anchorage?

We are your go-to plumbing crew if you are looking for fast delivery where service quality is not compromised.

Our Plumbing Approach


We have routine maintenance and inspection services crucial to detecting drainage problems that may be silently ruining your home structure. Our skilled and licensed technicians perform detailed inspections on both primary and secondary drainage systems, pipes, and sewers to uncover any invisible damage. Routine inspection and maintenance help us be proactive when dealing with drainage and pipe complications in your home.


Are you dealing with clogged tubs, frozen pipes, flooded and gurgling drainages, or low water pressure?

Anchorage Heating and Plumbing has worked through them all. Our handy technicians have repaired and dealt with the most plumbing difficulties that you may be experiencing. With quality diagnostic equipment and tools, we will discover what’s causing damage underneath, bring it to light and put it to a stop for good.

Anchorage Plumbing Services

Whether it feels like a huge problem or an inconsequential issue, you can rest assured knowing that we are a company that understands, has the expertise and the passion for making your home and commercial building work as it should.

Our residential and Commercial services will cater for;


We are an all-rounded company that services any repair and installations that your property may require.

  • Leaky Faucets
  • Blocked bathroom tubs and showers
  • Toilet repairs
  • Low-pressure water.
  • No hot water or too hot water.


Repairing any plumbing issues in your kitchen will make it run smoothly and efficiently while saving on energy and water costs. We’ll service your leaky taps, greasy clogged sinks, garbage disposal problems, dishwasher leaks and broken fixtures.

Pipe Thawing

As the temperature drops, taps and drainage pipes may freeze, expand, and potentially burst or cause leaks. We have adept technicians to thaw the pipes back into working conditions. Give us a call immediately once you suspect that your pipes are frozen, and one of us will be there promptly.

Pipework update

Aging and faulty working pipes are some of the reasons you might have when wanting to update your pipework. It’s a lengthy process that demands commitment and a certified technician to accomplish. With us, you are assured of a less messy process, a technician who will keep you in the know and new piping work that is of quality and accomplishes its intended purpose.

Sewer repair, maintenance and installation

Waiting out on maintenance and installation seems like a wise thing to do until you are dealing with uncalled for emergency sewer breakage. We use natural cleaners to breakdown grease and waste in your sewer pipes to prevent overflow and leaks. Also, we conduct new sewer installations and replacements.

Emergency Services

Of course you hadn’t planned for a runny toilet or a burst pipe right when the temperatures are low. We understand the worry that comes with emergency plumbing issues, and that’s why we have standby plumbing technicians to ease the worry. We’ll show up on time, inspect, diagnose and get to working on the problem fast.

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