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Wendler Building

Wendler Building serves to be a famous, historical commercial building that is located at 400 D Street in the heart of the city in Anchorage. The building was constructed in the year 1915 by Florence and Tony Wendler. It, therefore, serves to be one of the oldest commercial buildings in the city. The building was originally situated at I and 4th Streets of the city. However, later on, in the year 1985, the building was moved to its current location.

Primarily, the building was made use of by the Wendlers to serve as the store until the time of 1920. After this, Florence Wendler went forward with converting the commercial building into a famous boarding house. In the year 1948, Florence Wendler, along with her daughters, went forward with opening the famous Club 25 at the building. Club 25 served to be an exclusively private club only for women. Eventually, the club was opened for general membership as well. For several years, this club was responsible for serving as the landmark for the social scene of the city. In the year 1988, the building was listed on the local list of the National Register of Historic Places in Alaska.

In the male-centric city as Alaska used to be before, it was quite challenging for the ladies of Anchorage to sit down and enjoy cocktail without being crowded out by the local men. This is when Club 25 at the Wendler Building came to their rescue. It served to be a famous bar and café area during the 1940s and the 1950s.

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